JP Cooper Quality Port & Spirit Kegs

JP Cooper Kegs opened its doors about 10 years ago. In what initially started as a hobby, Jason has managed to turn his passion into a full-time endeavour, crafting custom-made, masterful port and spirit kegs.

Attention to detail is what makes JP Cooper Kegs great. Jason refuses to compromise on any aspect of his work, pushing himself to create a unique masterpiece with each keg.

Do you want that extra personal touch? Ask about our personalised engraving service.

Don’t compromise on quality.

Hand Crafted

Each JP Cooper Keg is hand crafted by Jason, a qualified Cooper, using only traditional tools and methods.

Spirit kegs are charred on the inside, imparting toasty and caramelised oak flavours to your spirits.

American OAK

We construct our kegs exclusively from genuine American Oak. Thanks to the tight grain of this particular style of oak, our kegs offer a gradual extraction of subtle wood flavours.

Each keg is produced from deconstructed wine barrels, producing unparalleled flavours – each one unique to your individual keg.

Adelaide Hills

JP Cooper Kegs are proudly crafted in the Adelaide Hills, nestled amongst the South Australian wine regions of the Barossa, Eden Valley and McLaren Vale.

We ship Australia-wide, meaning you can enjoy a drop from your custom-made keg no matter where you are.

Our Kegs

2 litre Keg

Port Keg $240 | Spirit Keg $260

5 litre Keg

Port Keg $290 | Spirit Keg $310

10 litre Keg

Port Keg $350 | Spirit Keg $380

20 litre Keg

Port Keg $420 | Spirit Keg $450

4 litre Upright Keg

Port Keg $280 | Spirit Keg $300

12 litre Upright Keg

Port Keg $360 | Spirit Keg $390

Ask about our Personalised engraving service. The perfect customised gift for birthdays, weddings and awards – or just to name your favourite drop.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.